Monday, April 22, 2019

The Cost of a bad experience

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The Cost of a bad experience:
“In 2015, Virgin Media received approximately 150,000 job applications, translating into
3,500 new hires. The company estimated that 27,000 (18%) of those applicants were
also customers—and that poor candidate experiences led 7416 of those applicant
customers to churn from Virgin Media.”

Bad experience costs you?

Virgin Media lost 6 million in revenue as a result of their candidates experience.

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How is it costing your company?

Impacting your brand.
“Nearly 60% of Job Seekers Have Had a Poor Candidate Experience
& 72% Talk About It.”

Candidates want to be contacted with progress of their application.
80% of applicants are discouraged to reapply if they received no
feedback. Poor experience can be detrimental to your candidate
search and your companies online reputation.

Candidates actually value application status over a polished website
or a well designed careers page.

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Technology Woes

Have you lost the personal touch?

Candidates who were unsuccessful in a job application doubt a person
even reviewed their application. If 85% of the applicants who apply to a
job posting doubt it was reviewed by a person. How does it impact your
brand or how you are viewed. Will this activity help attract talent?

Add the personal touch.
Augment your resources. Don’t remove your HR professionals from
the conversation build a rapport with your candidates. Use emails,
live chats and social media.

Rejected offers
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In the IBM white paper “The far reaching impact of candidate
experience” it was discovered that if a candidate has a good
experience there is a 54% chance they will accept an offer.
If the experience was a disappointment only 39% would accept
an offer of employment. Candidates with a positive experience
are 2 times more likely to become a customer. The candidate
experience is your companies opportunity to build brand advocates
even if no offer is given.

Social License to operate
The candidate experience impacts your company and is an opportunity
to showcase your company. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to
improve the experience. The rewards of increased revenue, reduced
costs, advocates and finding good talent are within your control.
Treat candidates well, give them a great experience and you will
be rewarded.

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