Sunday, April 21, 2019

Why you will quit your job.

One in two employees quit their managers.

"A Gallup study of 7,272 U.S. adults revealed that one in two had left their job to get away from their manager and improve their overall life at some point in their career."
Information on reasons for turnover is prevalent or common knowledge for experienced senior executives. So why is their a disportioncate disconnect with managerial staff?

 One in ten mangers have the right stuff.

"Gallup’s research reveals that about one in 10 people possess high talent to manage. Though many people are endowed with some of the necessary traits, few have the unique combination of talents needed to help a team achieve excellence in a way that significantly improves a company’s performance." Its hard for companies to hire and find the right talent for management roles.

Three key things employees need.

Reliable and meaningful communication.
"Gallup has found that consistent communication whether it occurs in person, over the phone or electronically is connected to higher engagement." Its not about having meetings or setting a schedule its more about a human connection, building trust, and having employees feel comfortable with engaging their manager. Engagement not structure is needed.

Measure Performance not annual Goals
 "Performance management is often a source of great frustration for employees who do not clearly understand their goals or what is expected of them at work. " It can be very frustrating for most employees to come to the end of a year to find out if they hit the mark.
"They may feel conflicted about their duties and disconnected from the bigger picture. For these employees, annual reviews and developmental conversations feel forced and superficial, and it is impossible for them to think about next year’s goals when they are not even sure what tomorrow will throw at them. "
Focus on Employee Strengths
An employee will be more engaged if you focus on their strengths. "Gallup has discovered that just 25% of employees strongly agree that their manager focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics." If we are focusing on the negative of what an employee brings to the table are you going to engage them to be productive employees.
Engage your employees more, focus on their strengths and give feedback on daily daily performance. A simple call to say thank you can go a long way.
It is a very detailed report and a good resource.
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